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You don't have to dim your light in order to have a successful and fulfilling career.
Just because your gifts feel easy to you, doesn't mean they don't have value.

In fact, it is


because they come naturally to you that they have so much value.

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Created by Alex Rizzi, your Certified Career Services Provider, Certified Hypnotherapist, and Certified Career Coach. With a background in International Education, she understands your desire to follow your own blueprint and step into your best self.

Your Liberated Career Path is Calling...

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Take this short quiz to discover your most authentic approach to making a living even if your natural gifts don’t fit the mold of what you see on job boards.

Nobody else can do what YOU can, in exactly the ways YOU can do it.

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So, take this quiz to discover how to authentically amplify your uniqueness (and the best ways to get paid, just by being you).

A custom blueprint that is personalized to your aligned career path, so you can start moving into more soul-aligned work, and have success and abundance YOUR way.

A sense of empowerment to share your gifts authentically and get paid for them.

What You'll Gain...

To be empowered to share your gifts authentically and get paid for them, you must understand yourself and what you were put on this planet to do.

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We’re talking about going against the status quo and being a rebel with a cause.

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